PREMIER SUITES Birmingham Accessibility


The apartments are based in the centre of Birmingham, situated on Upper Dean Street opposite the indoor markets.

We have 67 apartments in total: 56 x one bed apartments and 11 x 2 bedroom apartments.

We aim to provide the highest standard of service with the apartments. All apartments have a guest information folder in them with useful information for your stay. Any queries or assistance that you may need then please contact us at reception. 

This site is designed to be as accessible as possible, please visit the website accessibility page for details 


  • For assistance and information prior to arrival please call the General Manager or Operations executive on 0121 666 4444, or alternatively you can email
  • We are located in the centre of Birmingham on Upper Dean Street
  • We are approximately a 4 minute walk from New Street Station you are able to use accessible taxis as these are readily available through TOA Taxis which can be pre-booked also for your arrival on 0121 666 4444.
  • There is no bus service that would bring you to the apartments from the Train Station.
  • The main shopping area of the city is a 2 minute walk.
  • Our website is designed to give an overview of the apartments and facilities, anything that is not listed then please contact us directly.
  • Our reception opening hours are Monday - Friday 8.00am - 8.00pm , Saturday10.00am - 7.00pm, Sunday/Bank holidays 11.00am - 5.00pm
  • You can contact us during these hours by telephone, email, fax or in person (at reception a hearing loop devise is installed)
  • A contact list is available at reception with details of local equipment hirer, please request a copy of this if needed.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • All guests should use the main and only entrance which is at street level.
  • The main door is controlled by an electronic lock and a code will be issued to access the building.
  • The height from the floor to the Key pad system is 1.24m and is easily reachable.
  • The main door is a double glass door; there is a clearance of 0.81m on the door.
  • You can be dropped off by a vehicle at the front door, but there is no direct parking at the front of the apartments as they are on a main road.  Unloading in this area is at your own risk as traffic wardens could issue parking fines.
  • The car park is located under the apartments and is fitted with manual key-code gate. Once guests have checked-in and registered they are issued with a car permit and a code to enter the car park, the gates will need to be closed manually on leaving the car park. Guests may park in any of the free bays, all of which are the same width of 2.3 metres. The only entrance is at the front of the building on Upper Dean Street.

Main Entrance & Reception

  • There is lift access from the main reception to all floors within the apartments. Reception is based on the ground floor/level "0" in the lift. Reception is located on the ground floor when arriving at the main entrance with the reception desk directly in front of the doors.
  • Reception is a small area and the check-in process is designed to get you into your apartment as quickly as possible. There is a chair in reception for guests to use while checking-in or waiting. The reception desk is 0.74 metres high.
  • On check-in the entry and exit procedures/fire procedures are explained as are the opening hours of reception. Information regarding the in-house Guest Emergency mobile and details of the guest information folder are explained.
  • Registration cards are requested to be completed with a signature and are available in the standard format only. The lifts to all floors is situated opposite reception.
  • The apartments do not offer bar, restaurant or meeting facilities.
  • If there any other queries then please do not hesitate to contact us. Reception can also be contacted from the apartment by dialling "0" on the in-room telephone.
  • A Hearing Aid Induction Loop is installed at the reception desk

Public Areas - General (Internal)

  • There are no public telephones situated within the apartments, the nearest public telephones are on Pershore Street. These can be found by taking a left out of the apartment’s main entrance.  At the top of the road, turn right at the traffic lights and the phones are located in front of you.
  • At the end of each corridor there are refuse shoots to deposit rubbish, if assistance is required with removing refuse then please ask reception during opening hours.

Public Areas - WC

  • There is no public WC available for use, only in the apartments

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Lounges, Take Away & Cafe

  • There is no restaurant on-site but there are a number of menus in each apartment of local restaurants that offer a delivery service to the apartments. When accepting a deliver you can allowing access by using the intercom system, fitted in all apartments.


  • There is a washing machine with combined tumble dryer in all Apartments. External laundry services can be arranged if required through reception; this is collected and delivered back to the apartments and is payable at reception.


  • There is no shop onsite but there are shops located with walking distance.

Treatment room/s

  • These are not available at the apartments

Leisure Facilities

  • These are not available at the apartments but we do have a local agreement with a nearby hotel, please ask at reception for further details.

Outdoor Facilities

  • There are no outdoor facilities.

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

  • There are no meeting rooms at the apartments


  • Each apartment has 1 double bedroom or 2 double bedrooms in a 2 bed roomed apartment. The clearance on the main door to the apartments is 0.76 metres and the lock is 0.91 metres from the base of the door
  • The width of the bedroom door frame is 0.76 metres.
  • All bedrooms are carpeted with a short pile carpet
  • The beds are 6ft 2” (1.88m) long by 4ft 7" (1.4m) wide. The height is 26" (0.66m) and the clearance under the bed is 2.5" (0.06m).
  • All beds are supplied with poly-cotton sheets and non-feather pillows. Non-feather duvets are provided with poly-cotton covers and towels are provided in all rooms
  • Free stand-in wardrobes the rail height is 66" (1.68m)

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC (En-suite)

  • Main bathroom door is 31.5" (0.8m) wide and en-suite bathroom doors are 26" (0.66m) wide
  • Main bathroom has a tiled floor. Standard toilets fitted in all with a height of 16" (0.41m). Sinks all standard at a height of 32" (0.81m) and all main baths are fitted at a height of 22" (0.56m) with a grip rail situated horizontally at 22" (0.56m) from the top of the bath. Bath has non-slip surface on the floor and towelling bath mats are supplied in all apartments.
  • En-suite bathrooms toilets fitted at standard height of 16"(0.41m)
  • Sinks fitted at 32" (0.81m)
  • Shower cubicle has a 10" (0.25m) step into the shower
  • Tiled floor in en-suite with anti-slip surface in shower cubicle and towel bath mat provided for tiled floors.

Self-Catering Kitchen

  • All kitchens are fully equipped bench height is standard in all at 35.5" (0.91m) high and all utensils sit on benches such as microwave, kettle toaster, and hob.
  • Wall units are fitted at a height of 55.5" (1.41m) - all equipment and utensils stored in these cupboards can be moved down to below bench level.
  • Dining table has 2/4 standard chairs and the table is a height of 30" (0.76m)
  • The main telephone is situated on a table in the main living area and is at a height of 30" (0.76m)
  • The apartment intercom is wall mounted at a height of 46" (1.17m) from the floor.
  • The television has a remote control and is on a stand of 14" (0.36m) in height the TV has Freeview and Teletext available.

Grounds and Gardens

  • There are no grounds or gardens to the apartments

Additional Information

  • Information folder available in all apartments
  • If further assistance is required then please contact reception at the Suites

Contact Information

Contact PREMIER SUITES Birmingham

Emergency number: 07970 702 716 (for in-house residents only)

Local carers: Birmingham’s Carer’s Ass – 0121 675 8000

Local equipment hire company’s: Birmingham mobility – 0121 444 4870

Local public transport numbers: Travel West Midlands 0121 254 6322

Local accessible taxi numbers: TOA Taxis - 0121 427 8888

NHS walk in centre - 0121 255 4500

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 0121 666 4444 or email our General Manager directly.